Wind power uses the strength of the wind to work

So, how does it work...?
 Wind energy is converted into electricity using wind turbines which have wind_turbine.jpg3 propeller like blades called the rotor and attached to a 20m hightower because there are stronger winds higher up. The wind makes the rotor spin and this movement, gives the power to the generator and makes energy.The power is then converted into electricity.
The magnets move past the stationary coils of the wire called the stator. As the magnets pass the stator, AC electricity is produced and converted into DC electrcity. It is used to charge batteries which is used to store electrical energy, or can be fed into the grid interactive inverter for feeding power to the electricity grid. Wind turbines are normally situated in the country, on farms, in the coast, practically anywhere away from built up areas ...

More buildings = less wind

The benefits and positives :
  • clean energy source
  • can be relied on for long term future
  • cost effectivewind_farm.jpg
  • pollution free
  • sustainable
  • One wind turbine - sufficient to generate energy for households

  • create power without fossil fuels
  • without producing green house gases
  • no radio-active waste
  • reduces global warming =]