There's a very BRIGHT future ahead of Australia as plans show that it is possible to provideAustralia's energy needs with just the power of the SUN~ A square approxiamately 138km by 138km would be enough to power Australia and there would still be some left for storage. The panels were not chosen to be situated in the middle ofAustralia where it is the sunniest because there arn't any power lines there.The advantages in storing excess energy is that solar thermal can be stored as heat and used
to generate power when needed. If this was to all take place and work, it would definetely
inspire other countries and advertise more usage of renewable energy sources.

Although this is an impressive project (NO doubt about that) , it does have another side to it.The rows of panels do need some maintainance such as cleaning them, as dust particles could getonto them and stops the solar panels from working as well. As great as this may be, people have had
different opinions whether solar energy and other renewable sources is reliable and able to
replace fossil fuels. According to Ashley (a very imformative person who studies this stuff andMr Halliday's friend) , there is no debate over that statement beacuse it's an obvious yes. There are planety of renewable energy sources available to us, but of course the answer isn'tjust in solar, but in a combination of a few. Currently, solar is more expensive than fossil fuels, but in time renewable power will become cheaper. To addtion to that, coal needs to be constantly dug up to burn, but once a renewable energy power stationis built, it stays there forever and uses the wind/sun/waves which are already there.


THE BIG DISH~The prototype of the Big Dish is situated at the Australian National University the_big_dish_side_view.jpg in Canberra, but currently is in the process of building more dishesin Whyalla, South Australia. The Dish is like a huge solar panel that onlyworks when it's pointing in the direction of the sun, therfore beingcapable of moving directions to face the sun. With wonderful technology beingdiscovered, the Dish was programmed to follow the sun all day everyday assoon as it came up. The Big Dish was pretty much made with all the Concentrating Solar technologies. Before the project had started, the environment was studied to ensure theenvironment it was going to be buit in wouldn't be affected. Overall, this Dish would most certainly be used more in the futureand developed to make it more advanced as it already is. =] "Some day some fellow will invent a way of concentrating and storing up sunshine."(Thomas Edison, 1910)big-dish-460.jpg