Photosynthesis. What is it? Photosynthesis is the process when trees turn Co2 into oxygen. Tiny opennings in leafs called stomata, absorb Co2 and spongy palisade cells (which are filled with chloroplast), break down the carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbon. Just as we breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, trees breathe in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Now this is very important because trees are the only thing in the world that get rid of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere so without trees and plants our whole world would be engulfed in carbon dioxide and then there would be no oxygen left for us to breathe in and then, well, we would all die. Oh yeah and if your wondering, there is a process of photosynthesis where trees use sunlight for energy except that really isn't important since we don't really care how much sunlphotosynthesis.jpgight trees need because we do have an unlimited supply of it!

Is It Possible To Replicate Photosynthesis?
Isn’t it amazing the way trees turn Co2 into oxygen? A single tree can produce more electricity than a $23,000 solar panel! This has left me pondering. Is it possible to replicate photosynthesis? You know with the technology of today this should be a walk in the park. So after weeks of research (and a bit of encouragement from my teacher!) I found the answer. Is it a yes or a no? Well it’s a kind of. Scientists have managed to assemble a machine that runs on Co2 and creates energy. Although it doesn’t turn the Co2 into oxygen, it at least gets rid of it so that’s good. This machine is not yet in production because a couple more tests need to taken place but if the scientists behind this get their way, humans can officially say goodbye to climate change!!!!!! WOW! This invention wouldn't really count as a machine because it's kinda' made up of a glass jar, paper clips, a few bits of wire, some scrap metal and a couple of other bits and pieces. This invention is not so complex and don't be so sure that's a bad thing! Why? Being so easy to build and costing very cheap, it's sure to be a hit amongst humans. Solar panels, wind turbines, hydro electricity stations, these renewable energies just cost way to much and thats probably the reason why not many people get them in their houses.