Future of Technology

Why Global Warming is a problem?
We all produce co2 from the everyday things we do example printing, hopping on a computer, watching TV, washing your clothes and driving a vehicle. Global Warming is a problem because co2 traps heat and that makes the earth warmer. Many countries will be at risk of an economic crisis or they will be flooded. The countries that are at risk of an economic crisis are the USA and Saudi Arabia, The countries which are near rivers or Antarctica or the Arctic are at risk of flooding. Also other natural disasters e.g. cyclones and hurricanes will be more frequent and more damaging

How Can We Reduce the Effect of Global Warming Using Technology?
But how we can reduce the effect of global warming using technology? Scientists can create technological devices like something which traps co2 and turns it into oxygen or maybe even a device which can get rain and transfer the rain into energy. Victoria is announcing plans for a 484 million dollar wind farm which will create 250 jobs and power 171,000 homes. That is brilliant for the future of renewable energy in Australia. I heard that Apple is making a new computer called the iMac which has smaller packaging and it is cleverly made for it to be energy efficient. Dell is also manufacturing smaller laptops for people who don’t use a computer as much.

Is it too late for action?
No I don’t believe it is too little too late for action to be taken. Although if we don’t act soon then it really may be too little too late. The Global Footprint Network say that August 21 was the day we used just too much of our available resources. So doom looks like it’s coming soon. The world’s carbon footprint is really above where it really should be. It looks like some countries are only very marginally above and others are well above where they are meant to be. The biggest growth in the use of greenhouse emissions from 1960-2005 belongs to the USA. Some of the developing countries use well below, just at or just above the amount of energy they produce and that is really good for the environment if every country could have similar results. Today (2005) we use about x1.4 of the earth’s environment resources. If we keep going at this rate by 2050 we are going to use x2 of the earth’s resources. We need to have a massive decrease from now to get to the earth’s x1 of its resources.