The Future?

FULLY RENEWABLE IN 10YEARS~ =] renewable_energy-1.gif

Australia wants to build a solar power station and 6500 wind turbines which puts the cost to $37 billion in private funding and public investment every year for the next decade. They want to take 'direct action' and want no more delays in cutting greenhouse gas emissions. solar_panel.jpg

"I believe our long term global goal is to very substantially reduce our emissions, a goal that will require almost all of our stationary energy to be produced from zero or near zero emission sources," Mr Turnbull said.

60% of the nation's electricity can be sourced from 12 huge solar thermal power plants and we can do that by using Australian developed technology to store the heat in molten salt, allowing it to operate for long periods even if there is no more sunshine.

The remaining 40% of the power grid will be filled by about 6500 wind turbines at 23 large scale wind farms, mainly located around the coast. The plan would generate 325 terawatt hours of electricity a year which will meet the nation's entire power demands in the year 2020. Building a wind farm in the south-west could power 225,000 homes.

The shortfalls will be made up by biomass energy generation using the portion of the nation's wheat fields. To properly harness the renewable energy, report calls the unification of Australia's 3 separate electricity grids and some new transmission lines that will link to the new power stations to capital cities. Total cost = $92 billion. electricty_grid.jpg
Apparently, it would be more realistic than Australia's dependence on foreign oil supplies and fluctuating fuel prices.
"The fact is, from an energy perspective, we are in big trouble," said Mr Wright. "If you're going to secure Australia's energy future, then you're going to do that with risk-free renewable energy that has no fuel costs,"