Welcome...worlds_in_our_hands.jpg The world's in our hands, we just don't realise it... 
Over years and years, people have been continuously burning fossil fuels and wasting resources, contributing to Global Warming and Climate Change without us even noticing.So, isn't it finally time to identify the issue and take action?
Year 6's from Mount View Primary school were put to task on a major project focusing on our central idea.. http://www.prlog.org/10140933-recycling-can-save-our-planet.htmlPeople's everyday actions impact on the natural environment
We were assigned into groups according to the topic we were interested in and wrote 3 questions which were connected to the main idea. Each person researched over numerous of weeks to find anwers and wrote responses to them. To help us with this, we had the 3 lines of inquiry which were:1. People can have both positive and negative impacts on the environment2. Resources should be used effectively 3. We all have a responsibility to lessen the impact on the environment This bulit us up to our final task...

Taking action consisted of deciding the action, planning it and then of course taking it.The action had to be something that would impactin some way and so our group thought it over, and came up with the idea of a website. This wikispace is to create awareness and buildknowledge for others so that they can also change their everydayroutine to alternatives, rather than wasting and polluting etc

As days went by, we learnt more and more about the effect our actions make and about the alternatives, but as this happens, the ability and range of change we can make broadens as well. On the 14th of September 2010, the community and parents are invited to enter our school and classrooms to see our exhibitions.We will have our information and findings displayed and we will share our action plan with you. Each student will have a book which has our research notes, essential agreement, questions and connections.